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  • Modern Hanging Plant Holder
  • Modern Hanging Plant Holder


Modern Hanging Plant Holder

$47.00 USD

Dark Walnut
Simply White

Handmade in Australia Handcrafted in Australia.

~The Modern Design Air Plant Ring~

The Air Plant ring is a unique piece of living art. Each one has been handmade using natural wood to bring you and your home closer to nature.

One of the most difficult areas to bring to life in your home are empty corners and dead hanging space. Soil based plants aren't the solution because of the work, time and effort involved in installing them. Not to mention the mess involved when water or soil spills every time you water them..

Our Air Plant Rings are light, contain NO SOIL and are effortless to install. Simply attach one of our damage free "simple stick" hooks and your done! That means more time spent admiring your new plant and less time worrying the heavy pot plant above your head, isn't about to fall.

Just sit back and feel closer to nature when you see it gently spinning in the breeze.

Delicately hand-wrapped using safe and strong aluminium wire, each one comes with a living Air Plant that can easily be removed for watering and care. It will be hand picked for its unique shape and individual character. The plants we send are greenhouse kept and always sent healthy.

The modern ring comes with a living Air Plant and will be hand picked for its unique shape and individual character. The plants are greenhouse kept and will always be healthy.

Option for a dark walnut finish or simply white.


Air Plants love to be the star of the show. With our Air Plant Holders, we've put them at the centre of attention in their most happy place - A natural wood environment, high up with the best view in the house.

Total bodied air flow allows the plant to breathe happily and the zen like motion as it naturally turns gives the plant the possibility of 360 degree light.

Because, Air Plants are meant to be airborn!

+ 1 Air Plant Ring
+ 1 Hand-wrapped healthy Air Plant (Tillandsia Aeranthos)
+ 1 Command Hook to hang from ceiling (can be easily removed without damage)!
+ Black Macramè string
+ Air Plant care instructions


- 15 cm diameter
- Can be hung anywhere with a damage free command hook (included in purhase)

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