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  • Indoor Small Air Plant Planter
  • Indoor Small Air Plant Planter


Indoor Small Air Plant Planter

$45.00 USD

Handmade in Australia Handcrafted in Australia.

Looking for that perfect gift? (even for yourself?)

Meet the x1 Mini Man - the greatest natural companion!

☘100% Adjustable = Endless Fun
Handstands and yoga poses are just the beginning. The Mini Man has magnets in both the hands AND legs and can be positioned in many different ways on his natural wood magnetic stand - which means you'll have endless fun and won't be so bored when you're stuck inside! The only limit is your imagination.

☘Eco-Friendly Healing
Made out of natural pine wood, each one holds a beautiful air plant that has all the benefits and healing properties of nature right in his hands so you can enjoy increased productivity, creativity and less stress which means you will live longer and have less white hairs.

☘Brings Nature Inside
Do you spend too much time indoors these days? We try and bring nature inside instead so you can breathe deeply knowing a touch of nature is always by your side.

☘Natural Air Purifier
Studies show air plants take more toxic particles out of the air then any other plant. Imagine looking down at your Mini Man holding the cutest plant and knowing it's also cleaning the air from nasty toxins present in your home.

☘Easy Plant Care
Air Plants only need a once a week soak / once every two-week soak AND they are drought-tolerant, which means less worrying when you forget to water your plants!

☘Virtually Indestructible
Black thumb? No worries! Air plants are known to be SUPER easy to care for. Each purchase comes with a care guide so you can relax knowing your plant will live for years, which means you won't have to spend money on a new plant every week.

The plant will be a Tillandsia Ionantha and picked for its unique shape and individual character. The plants we send are greenhouse kept and will always be sent healthy.

x 1 Mini Man AirPlanter
x 1 Healthy Air Plant (Ionantha)
x Air Plant care instructions
- 11.5cm tall (with the stand)

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