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Dawson Denim

Shop Handmade Dawson Denim at Smith Ave.
It all began with a 1957 BSA Bantam motorbike.

Vintage motoring is a huge inspiration to Dawson Denim and has been for some years, it was this motorbike that would combine their passion for design
and love of denim, 
this would inspire their branding.

Their style is simple and understated, yet the devil is in the detail,
which they strive to deliver through considered design and high level of fabrics and trim.

The Dawson Denim range began with workwear aprons. These were inspired by original aprons used up until the 1960’s;
it was the aprons that took the wear and tear not the clothes underneath.

They have expanded our range slowly since 2012 with Jackets, Jeans and bags. When you purchase a Dawson Denim product,
it has been personally tailored, each piece is one of a numbered run and in some cases very limited. 

Designed and Handcrafted in Great Britain.

Handmade in Great Britain

Dawson Denim

14 Gallon Duffel
$215.00 USD

Dawson Denim

Neppy Denim Deck Jumper
$345.00 USD

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